Every year, more and more people are beginning to worry about their pets and their health.Almost around the clock exploding firecrackers and fireworks sparkle . Many dogs are afraid of starting to panic , run away and hide.But this problem can be overcome and give your dog a chance to be on the quiet street, and do not be afraid of loud noises.Even if your dog is 12 or more years and during that time she was afraid , do not be discouraged and try to help her.Last year, I was approached by the owners stuff . terrier Max, he was already 13 years old , all the while he was terribly afraid of claps and fireworks . They tolerated and did not apply to the experts , while the dog is not had a stroke and the vet said that the next new year Max would not survive .When the owners approached me , started already in December , that is, we had less than a month.Managed to fix the problem , and even managed to teach Max popping rejoice at the sight of firecrackers or fireworks , he started barking and happily wagging tail.Thus, it is desirable to begin training for 2-3 months before the start of the New Year.We divide it into several steps.The first stage :Put it on a tape or CD sound of firecrackers and fireworks . Include their dog every day 2-3 times a day for 1 hour. First, the sound needs to be done is so quiet that the dog did not show great fear and anxiety , but only drew his attention to the record . When she gets used to the sound of the weak , and stop paying attention to it , then you can start to increase the volume, but this should be done very smoothly , once again, only to attract interest. To ignore the fear of dogs, do not be sorry , and not to encourage her for it. Listen to record at least 2-3 months, every day, even if the dog does not respond to loud playback the recording.Thus , the dog gradually get used to the sound of firecrackers and fireworks . She suspects that the sounds come out of the tape and do not represent any danger to it and stop paying attention to them .
The second stage :When the dog stops responding during recording , then let's play with the dog.But you , as before, every day should include loud noises recorded for the dog.Take an ordinary rubber balloon and inflate it.Then start a lot of fun to play with it , tossing it up , you can jibe with other people. The main thing that interested in this dog.If the dog starts to show interest , barking loudly and trying to grab him , throw her ball .When it burst , then immediately praise the dog if its reaction to the cotton was not like a fright and start another joyful game , such as a ball or just run around with the dog.If she was scared , do not praise her and pretend that nothing happened . Your calm demeanor in this situation , the animal will give assurance about the absence of any danger .The dog must understand that cotton is a fun and healthy, and not at all scary and , moreover, is not dangerous.
The main thing that you do not fear claps , and pretended that they amuse you . The dog looks at your reaction and if she sees the joy will understand that this is a fun game .
If the dog refuses to play ball with you , then take a 30-40 ordinary children's balls , inflate them and place them around the home . When the dog will be in contact with them, they burst. If she was not scared , then praise if afraid or trying to hide from them, then ignore . You yourself , balls lying in the apartment, no need to poke through . Let the balls lie down for 2-3 days , when suddenly one of them burst , you have to completely ignore the sound and do not show the dog that scared ! After 2-3 days , when the dog is accustomed to lying everywhere balls , start to poke them in front of her. In the first day of the 5 balls to burst , the second 7, etc. , increasing by 2 per day , reach the destruction of 20 balls a day. In place of the injured balls , just inflate and put the new ones. The remains of the damaged balls , immediately remove the dog does not swallow gum and bone. Clap balls to as many days as it takes the dog to stop her to respond to them , you may need 2-3 weeks.
The third stage :Once a week the dog itself will play a fun game of " popping the ball " or show indifference to the sounds of balls pierces you, then it's time to move to the third stage and introduce it to the firecrackers .Take the smallest firecracker -like matches. Allow the dog to sniff and then light firecrackers and throw as far as possible from the dog .Wait for cotton and immediately start a fun game .After 15-20 minutes , repeat .But on the first outing did not blow up more than 3-4 firecrackers.With each increase the number of firecrackers walk for 3-4 pieces.You can increase the size of firecrackers , but not earlier than 3 walks with small firecrackers .If a dog is scared , then go back to the second stage for a few days.
The fourth stage :If the dog is not afraid of firecrackers and fun to play under their sounds , then you can move on to the fireworks.But it is advisable easiest .Install salute and immediately offer to play the dog, but at a distance of not less than 20-30 meters.If possible , repeat this several times.
Recording with loud sounds desirable to listen to while going through all four stages.
It is advisable , before correcting consult a specialist in animal behavior and veterinary.