Began to notice that the dog often barks in vain , irritating you and the members of the family? Then it's time to seek the causes of the empty barking and ways of getting rid of this problem. In order to achieve that the dog is under the control and stop barking just so fashionable in the first place by means of training. Of course , it is advisable to seek professional dog or a dog breeder , who has extensive experience working with problem dogs. However, if you for some reason this is not possible , you can try to retrain the dog yourself . Arm yourself with some general knowledge and forward , fight for peace !How to wean your dog to bark home team "quietly"One way to make the dog more silent - it's training team "quietly" . First of all, you have a lot of patience and time, as the dog , especially an adult , it may at first did not respond to it or , on the contrary , begin louder and more frequent barking. It is best to wear with a water spray, which will allow one movement to shut the dog barking and stop this .Dogs are not terribly fond of when they sprinkle in the face with water , so it can work. Can also be used as a promotion of your pet's favorite treat in cases where the animal will execute the command " quiet ." So , the dog starts barking . Action: take the spray and sprinkle in the animal's face , at the same time clearly and loudly enough for uttering the command " quiet ." If the dog obeyed and stopped barking , encourage her treat.Keep in mind that in addition to water you can not use any other liquids. Also, it is desirable not to get water in the dog's eyes . Education team "quietly" - perhaps the most humane and appropriate way to get the dog to shut up. It does not require the use of physical force or psychological abuse , and therefore is the best .Wean the puppies from barking the command " Go check 'Think about the possible causes and if the barking is the fear of any phenomenon, object or person , try to train your dog the command " go check ." To do this, find the house of any object which is not afraid of the dog . Make sure that the dog is looking at you and slowly put the subject on the floor. Then tell her to " go check " and move away from the subject.The dog must come after the command to the subject to take a closer look at it . If the pet is not in a hurry to go to the object , do not you dare it be customized or use physical force . Also, do not many times to repeat the command. This command is intended to cause the dog increased self-confidence and rid it of fear. In consequence it is possible that it will stop barking.The use of muzzles to wean the dog from barkingFairly common way to get the dog to shut up - is to use a muzzle. At the same time, it is the most simple and effective method of getting rid of barking. Modern muzzles, which can be purchased at any pet store , do not hold down the muzzle movement , let breathe and drink through them. Muzzles are safe and inexpensive.The use of special collarsAnd finally , is not the most humane , but quite effective way of getting rid of excess barking dog - is the use of collars , with the help of motion which delivered pet discomfort , in consequence of which it stops barking. The modern pet stores , there are two main types of collars : electroshock and collars with a special spray. We recommend to use the collar with spray .He put on a dog and when she delivers voice , spray bad for the dog odor ( for example , a sharp citrus flavor ) . In this case, the spray is safe for the dog's health .